March 31, 2011

Count Down to Liquor Day Part II –

Holy Shit…what a day.

The Axe did swing but the EQ2 team had the least amount of cuts losing only two people. Apparently we rocked it so hard on the last expansion, we were almost untouchable…but then the powers that be decided to take a couple off our team early this morning as a last little dig which sucks.

So all and all….The Seattle Studio is toast, The Agency MMo title they were working on is canned, The Arizona studio is Toast as well as the Denver Studio. They shut down all three facilities in a single swoop.

Our Austin Tx Studio was halved….taking out about 60 people there. All of building 4 onthe SD campus ware taken out, the majority of the Planet-Side Team and people off various other teams here. 207 total when it was all said and done. Fuck’n aye…

So this pretty much gets everything down to bare bones now and then some. From the severity, I don’t expect another round anytime soon. This was pretty fucking Gangster.  

My heart goes out to the two we lost though. I really liked Stephanie. She’s an amazing artist and I was pretty annoyed when I heard she got her pink slip this morning. We make millions in micro-transactions in the EQ2 store, but we cant keep her on because some moron in upper management lets a doomed project at another studio suck down development resources for 6 years before pulling the plug on it.

It’s repugnant…but it could have been much worse for us.

At any rate, I’m still here…in part probably to that Mega fucking huge Zone I built for the last expansion. Nobody here rocks”big” like I do…so I’m sure when they were tossing around names, that probably came up. lol…

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  1. Phewww, congrats. That sounded scary…

  2. WOWSER Me knows what that shit feels like. Glad you were sparred MB

  3. Did you get the D-Link 615 or 815 router?

  4. Thank ya thank ya guys…Yeah it was a crazy day. :-)

    Thanks for coming out last night Joker, it was good to see ya.

    We got the 815 router. It works great.

  5. Great to see you too! Like homecoming. It was a little hard adjusting to the brightness coming off of Tim and CBs heads :)

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