March 30, 2011

Robot Army

Looks like I’m building a robot army over here. :-)

I received the 5D mk II last night and played with it a little. The controls are all a little different but didn’t take long to get used to it from the 1D. It should make a fine addition to the setup.

Now that I have two tripod rigs, using it as a B cam will work really well.

Outside of that just getting settled in with the new computer, and starting to get back to work on everything. Did a little work on Tweekers last night but that’s kind of kicking my ass I have to say. Comedy in general is evil. lol… The story it’s self is fine, but I’ve been really scrutinizing on the dialog…and its been slowing me down considerably. I’ve been taking lots of break from it since that’s usually what I do when I hit walls, but it doesn’t seem to help too much with this stuff. You just have to keep plowing through it until you open up avenues that work.

It is treading along, but not nearly as fast as I would like. Of course acquiring new tech toys doesn’t help. Its pretty easy for me to fall off the rails. lol…but I keep moving foward.

Looks like we’re all in for SbiG night so I look forward to seeing ya all tomorrow. I did purchase the Andy Sedaris collection this morning so we’re going to have some pretty hilarious SbiG nights coming up. Those films are sooooo funny bad.

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  1. Cool, should be fun. Look forward to it.

    So, you have the ID, the 5D Mk II, and ????

  2. The third camera is a 5D mark I…no video. Just a Great still camera.

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