March 28, 2011

Dolly Vid

I was playing around with getting my Pocket Dolly off the jib arm and having it set up on just the tripod for a smaller based dolly system I can cart around as well as running a test on the new editing system.

The machine works great, and the dolly is cool for doing slow push and pull shots. I can tilt the dolly so I can get some simple lift shots as well. Pretty neat. Nothing too cool or anything. Just doing some tests getting used to some new setups.

As for the filming truck, reality set in and decided we’re not really ready for that yet. The biggest issue is just having a place to put the thing. I would have had to have rented space for it somewhere which would have been an extra expenditure on top of the truck and upkeep. Just having the storage unit down the street kind of sucks,,and this would have been yet another storage issue. I think we need to wait until we get out the condo and have space for the thing.

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