March 28, 2011

504HD, Sucker Punch

Shannie and I saw Sucker Punch over the weekend. It was mindless fun. The visuals are awesome, some really cool fight scenes and an awesome style to the whole thing. I read some of the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes which pretty much bash the film from one end down the other. The thing I found funny about them is most of them say its a mess, or hard to follow. One moron dyke looking reviewer bashed it because it didn’t have some kind of PC rhetoric about female rape victims…its a fantasy action flick dumb ass. lol…good grief.

It’s actually really simple to follow once you make the connections of what they are doing. It’s basically a video game plot. Get past this level, get a key or some other item you’ll need to get out of the place in the real world. In that respect it is pretty basic. I was expecting at least a little more finess or cleverness in the way he channeled the connecting elements from the dream world to reality…but there was none. It was really basic story telling 101, but it did the job and was still fun. If you want to see something in the ball park of reading an old Heavy Metal Graphic Magazine…than this is it. It’s mindless entertainment, but its fun…and sexy.

I picked up this bad boy at Calumet today. A Manfrotto 504HD head and tripod system. The Hercules tripod I have is awesome, but it doesn’t sit any lower than over the waist so I needed something that can fill in a lower perspective but still have the girth for supporting video rigs. It came with a really cool case as well.

Well as far as I know we’ll be doing SbiG this week as long as Cornbread’s in. So what do ya say Bread Machine? Are you in or what? :-) Let us know and we’ll do it up on Thursday.

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  1. Very nice man, one thing I would like to get your advice on is what kind of head to use for the suction cup shots, you think a medium sized one would work with the 2Ti?

  2. I really like the Bogan 3130 thats on it right now. Its a really solid fluid head design and mounts to the handle really well.

    Here is one on ebay right now

    I think any decent medium size could probably work, but definately not the larger HD sizes.

    If you are going to do it, I would suggest some long bungie cords as a back up support just in case the handle looses suction. Even the T2i is close to a grand with lens…that would suck to have it fall off.

  3. I’m in for Thursday.

  4. Thanks, cool…will see you Thursday guys!

  5. I watched Hatchet 2 yesterday. That is time I will never get back.

  6. Sexy like Julian’s sparkling blue eyes?

  7. Joker planning on attending :) with one other young guest.

  8. How young Joker? Tim’s going to be there so don’t tempt him too much brother.

  9. Bobby is old enough to be safe. I think

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