March 26, 2011

Ghetto Car Mount = Cool

Tim found a video for a cheap do-it-your-self camera car mount system using one of those suction cup dent pullers so Shannie and I rigged one up today.

I used my Bogan 3130 head and it works great. The head has a ridgedness to it that works really well here. I am not sure I would mount these full sized metal bodies on a ball mount but they might work fine for something as light at the T2i. I have yet to test it in action on a moving vehicle but its attached to the glass table and it wont move at all. Thanks for the link Tim…this is a pretty cool setup.

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  1. Very cool. It almost looks like it could walk.

    On another note I just got the trailer for a film we shot a couple of months ago. The weird thing is that you don’t realize who some of the actors are until you get to see the trailer/movie (small world). MB and Tim probably know a hand full of the people. Check it out. The film is due out in may.

    Also Tim and I shot a commercial a couple weeks ago. They are threatening to put it on air in the next few weeks :) In fairness to Tim we did not know we were going to be doing it together (so to speak) until we met at the location. But let’s just say Tim was bending over the whole time and I had a bat in my hand.

  2. I recognized a couple Kult people in it. The Cinematography is really good. Top notch…then I looked him up and saw he was a “Red” shooter.

    The shooter’s reel has Mike Burnell in it. Very cool there Mark. :-)

  3. MB forgot to mention the blonde girl standing next to me in the first sequence is Mandy Dollar. Mike B. was also in the commercial Tim and I shot but in a different segment. Me and “the schlong” were the stars :)

  4. Mike, man that is a cool set up the way you did it… I think for myself I would like to try to do some interior car shots first just to make sure it works OK and then slowly move up to an outside mount. Will definitely want to talk with you on the type of mount to get. Also, if you ever need to do some outside moving car shots I would be happy to offer the T2i since it is a cheaper (and lighter) camera.

    That was so funny to see you that day on that shoot Mark…that commercial will end up looking great you definitely want to add that to your reel.

  5. The one thing I wonder about this mount is that I may put some kind of soft buffer between the head and the plastic to make sure it doesn’t crack. But it looks really solid…awesome! I can’t wait to test it out…

  6. Thanks, Yeah the handle is pretty solid. I have a washer on the back of the handle to try to reduce some of the pressure directly on the bolt connection area but the handle has those finger grooves so I’m not sure exactly how well it’s doing.

    I wrenched it down really good and didn’t notice any give or buckling so it seems to be handling it just fine. I think If you got a light weight ball head you wouldn’t have any problems with it using the T2i.

    The 1D is actually pretty heavy with a lens on it…and the Bogan is kind of girthy too so I’m going to be very cautious with actually attaching it to a moving vehicle but I feel relatively confident it can do the job. I’ll probably add a safety line and attach it to the shoulder strap just so if it falls it doesn’t actually slide off the vehicle. That would

    Thanks for the offer with your camera. Appreciated. :-)

  7. Cool Mark and Tim! What’s the commercial for?

  8. It is a commercial for the County of San Diego. Tim plays an umpire and I play the hitter. I swing and miss at the first pitch and Tim puts out those two fingers calling a strike. The next pitch I hit a home run :) The plot is that you can beat your depression.

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