March 25, 2011

Synergy & XPS9100 = Awesome!

Well I got the new computer hooked up and configured and its screams! Yess…lol..

I tested the video on it and it all works flawlessly and fast. The MXO2 is running and outputting the HD feeds through it and it seems to be handling it with no problem at all. I installed Maya 2011 on it with that scene I had been working on and rendered it with Mental Ray which is really CPU intensive and it handled that really fast. Maya screams…AfterFX is ultra fast. I haven’t run FumeFX sims, but I am sure that will be much improved too. I’m pretty happy with the new machine. It’s pretty smok’n.

They tried to deliver the new wide angle lens today but I was at work so I’ll be picking that up tomorrow.

Tonight I installed Synergy on my machines and man is that cool. After finally getting it configured it works amazingly well. I was expecting it to hiccup or have some kind of a lag between jumping from machine to machine…nope. The mouse moves over to the other window seamlessly. Its just like I have my quad monitors back…except I cant drag anything across. If I have something dragging with the mouse, it reaches the extent of the monitor and stops, otherwise the cursor passes over to the other side. Pretty cool though.

For a short time I had both keyboards and mouse on each machine jumping back and forth and that was getting old pretty quickly. If anyone wants to run dual machines, I highly recommend it. It works great. :-)

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