February 28, 2011

PixelLogic – ZBrush

Back to work on a sunny Monday after a week of product launch activity. We are currently in down time mode waiting to see what design wants to do for the next expansion so I’m having SOE install a licensed copy of ZBrush on my work machine so I can start coming  up to speed on it! Happy Days!!!

ZBrush is a 3D sculpting tool that lets you create uber detailed 3D models you basically sculpt like working with clay. I have noodled around with it a few times casually, but I want to be able to really use it so I can add it to my current work flow on EQ2 and beyond.

As it pertains to gaming, it lets me model something with insane detail in a fraction of the time it would take to model it normally in Maya, and then I can extract the detail information creating normal maps that can be added on top of a real-time game mesh. For films it just gives you the ability to model out Film Resolution models to use in productions…so coming up to speed on it will be great all the way around. Especially when they are paying me for it. :-)    

ZBrush was used to digitally sculpt nearly every model in Avatar.  

In other news, I loaded the outline into Final Draft last night and started formatting the screenplay. I got the opening scene finished and into the first dialog scene before I headed to bed but we’re off and running on it now. With any luck I’m hoping to have the screenplay done by the end of this coming month and be able to start shooting in April. We’ll see how it all pans out.

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