February 27, 2011

Goodbye Quad Monitors – Tweeker’s Outline Finished!

Well I got the GTX 470 video cards on Friday and opened up the box to reveal a couple alarming things. The cards are freakn huge which I knew from the photos they were big, but I didn’t know if it was going to pose that much of a problem until I opened the XPS box and found it was actually huge problem.

Graphics card 2 slot is right next to the slot the Matrox MXO2 hardware card was residing and it couldn’t be moved…but then I also found that these GTX cards need “two” power cables…so there went my Dual Video cards…and my 4 monitor displays. Damn…

I did get one of them in and got the GPU acceleration working with the Mercury Engine…so I decided to pull over my two 24″ wide-screen monitors that were hooked up to the ProTools system and use them for the video machine instead. So now I have a 24″ wide-screen for the main display, my Cintiq monitor for the dual display, and the other 24″ wide is connected to the Matrox MXO2 external hardware for an HD Video Output Monitor.

I did notice a sizable speed increase with the GPU acceleration so that should hold me over for a little while until I want to replace the system with something new.

I’m going to get a couple new monitors and stands to prop them up over the main displays and I should have a nifty Video Post-Production setup.  

In other news, I finally finished the Outline for Tweekers this morning which came out to being 65 pages…so I’m pretty happy about that.  Bobby had some cool ideas in his version of the draft that were folded into it as well. Thanks Bobby!

I decided to go ahead and take a first stab at dialog since I have a solid pulse on these characters and have a pretty clear idea what they are supposed to be doing. I’m going to fold the Outline into Final Draft tonight and start plugging away on it.

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