February 23, 2011

EQ2 – Destiny of Velious Launch – SbiG CNA returns

Back to work after the presidents day holiday weekend and EQ2 launched Destiny of Velious today. The content went live and it’s out there doing it’s thing now.

We got an E-mail from the producer letting us know the Expansion’s pre-sales numbers are the highest we’ve ever had for a launch release which is great so now it’s just waiting around for the next thing. I didn’t get much sleep last night so I spent the time in zombie mode at my desk surfing the net and screwing off mostly. Had a couple bugs that I had already fixed but for some reason QA doesn’t understand when we launch, they freeze everything to prevent someone breaking the build so nothing gets updated till launch. So I got to change the tag backed to fixed and sent it back at them…lol.

In the mail today we got the patches for the Postal Inspector character which was cool. I kind of have Tim (the schlong) Clifton slated to play that role if he’s interested…so we’re going to have to put in a few pedophile references to keep things “real” for him. :-)

I made some more progress on the Tweekers Outline and we’re almost there. I did get a little sidetracked with “Trailer Park Boys” over the we watched a lot of that. I think for the main cast of tweekers, it’s really going to be required viewing. lol. Good stuff.

I got the Kessler K-Pod / Flex track and other stuff from UPS today and set it up in the living room tonight. Damn that thing is slick! Smooth as budddu gliding around on the K-pod! I got large casters for the Tripod as well that lock so that makes moving the jib rig around on set a little easier. I also got the case for the Jib Arm and Pocket Dolly so it all has somewhere to go when not in use. They did forget to send out the Flex trak case so they will be shipping that out tomorrow. Great system though.

Thursday we will be having SbiG CNA night so let us know if you will be there. We’ll be doing Blood & Bone, and maybe throw in a little “Missing in Action” if everyone wants to do a double but that’s optional. Same bat time…same bat channel.

I think we are going to get Joker in the Tweekers wardrobe Thursday as well, so that should be fun seeing some of the outfits on him.

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  1. Joker and his young apprentice will be present :)

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