February 19, 2011

Trailer Park Boys –

I’ve been digging up some films that kind of have a similar vibe as Tweekers doing some research as we are gearing up for beginning production and came across this gem.

Mostly I have been looking for projects that share the same kind of production elements and character driven performances just getting an idea as to what people are doing in natural urban settings in tight / close spaces and how we’ll be tackling the cinematography.

When I found this on Netflixs It looked like a pretty low budget dumb film I would probably deem SbiG worthy and maybe get a little bit of “what not to do” information out of it. I was actually pretty surprised to find is was actually pretty freakn hilarious. I was laughing pretty hard through out it. I might be a little bias after working on the game “Trailer Park Tycoon” where I got to see some of the real life counterparts to some of the characters going on here, but It was actually a really good low budget comedy, with some great lines and tons of iconic ridiculous moments in it.

This is a Canadian TV series that’s been going on for 7 seasons or something…and has two films based on the series all starting from a B&W short film that was submitted to a film festival.

I’m sure I’ll have to subject Cornbread to it one of these days, but if interested in watching a pretty fun low budget comedy you should give it a shot. It definitely has some good stuff in there.

In other news, we got the screen printing on the Postal Mail Bag which turned out O.K., Not quite as accurate as I was hoping for due to printing on Canvas but I think it looks close enough to work for what we’re doing here. Shannie will be sewing in the lining and finishing the edge work and I’ll post up some picks.

I got that ridiculous leather two toned coat in the mail as well as the 80s nylon parachute pants yesturday and it again looks just as ridiculous as the auction photos…so were really close to doing the promo photoshoot coming up.

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  1. Lindsey and I actually watched all seven seasons (no longer on the air) a while back. The movie was okay. The first season or two of the show are way better. After season two it has its moments. I still need to watch their second movie.

  2. Cool beans on the entire package. I will try to find the films. The guy on the left looks like Nick Cage with a mustache.

  3. Joker,

    All of the Trailer Park Boys seasons are available on Netflix.

  4. I thought the Movies were written a little better and had a better pace to them than the series but I watched the films first.

    I did watch a few of the episodes in the first season and they hadn’t completely flushed out their characters at that time so the dialog and stories were a little rough and rushed. They seemed to have found their stride by the third season but they were still kind of manic to me and not as thought out as the films are.

    Both films were a lot of fun…the second is actually pretty awesome. Ricky shaves Randy’s head in an altercation, so Randy ends up drawing his hair back in with a Sharpy and it’s so ridiculous.

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