February 19, 2011

Mail Bag Prop – Completed

Shannie completed the Mail Bag prop and it’s all ready to go now. It’s hard to tell in the image since its so dark/contrast-y but it’s a dark blue canvas with the fold over courier style top flap. We actually disassembled the black laptop bag Mark gave us that he found at a swap meet for the strap loops which had a bronze kind of hue to them that worked really well for the design. Thanks Joker… :-)  So once I purchased the natural light colored leather strap with shoulder pad and got it assembled, it ended up looking pretty legit.

The design was a challenge because it needed to be a specific size, specific color, specific style…but also it had to serve a specific function. It had to look like a mail carrier mail bag, but it also needed to be able to function for the film. I told Shannie it really needed to be floppy enough so that when we filled it up with mail, pieces would fall out of the top when the actor ran or slid across a car doing a dukes of hazard move…or whatnot. She really came through here placing the shoulder strap mounted to the back instead of dead center letting the bag kind of hang off to the side and when it’s overfilled it bulges out and opens up at an angle letting things fall right out of it.

I’m pretty confident when we get out and shoot the bag will function like it should and we’ll be getting some great shots with it.

Thanks Babe!! :-)

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  1. Michael/Shannie
    The mailing looks awesome.

  2. I bet that’ll look great on camera.

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