February 17, 2011

Remedy Films – Canon 7D – Kessler Gear

 A couple cool videos shot by Remedy Films with the Canon 7D Dslr and Kessler Jibs, Cranes and Sliders.

Very nice cinematically shot stuff. All the footage in the old machine building is pretty cool. It really shows off what the DSLRs are capable of.

Kessler has sent out my flex track so I should have it next Tuesday…yeayyy. 

Last night I managed to get some more work done on the Tweekers Outline. I detailed out the Living Room standoff Scene which is remarkably close to what happened in real life. A lot of the scenes had to be altered to fit into the limited space and character set but as I was writing this out, it came pretty close to reality which is kind of scary…lol.

There were a couple major tweaks in location due to the fact that I just couldn’t pull that scene off in the condo, but found an alternate location for the scene that required I fill in a little more of the front end story details and it came out making perfect sense. It also opened up a few interesting angles and let me create what will be a pretty strong B/C storyline that will fold back into the main storyline, completing it right before the finally…so I made a lot of progress last night.

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  1. Man nice dolly and crane shots in those vids…very nice. It’s amazing how that kind of movement really gives it a film like look…

  2. Actually this gear is orgasmic. The last film I did a couple weeks ago had a scene that needed to follow the actors as we walked from a car to a bar. To set up the shot it took 2 hours of laying platforms so that the camera could move about 25 feet. This flexibility removes that problem. I might have been more flexible myself if it wasn’t 20 degrees while we were shooting in pine valley at midnight :)

    In other words great stuff!!!

  3. Unrelated again… a while back I mentioned a show I found while messing with the Roku streaming box called Film Riot. I know you and everybody that reads this are pretty busy but check out some episodes when you get a chance. They are pretty informative and entertaining on film effects, etc.

  4. Down Joker! Lol…we all know what happens when you start tossing around that kind of language. :-)

    Yeah, the crane / dolly stuff is cool. I did notice they use a Stedicam Pilot in some of the shots as well…one of the missing components in my current setup. I have this makeshift steel pole thing that simulates it but once you get the whole rig on it, it weighs way too much with no back support. Bad things would happen if I tried to use it. Lol…

    I’m looking forward to playing with the flex track…and moving jib and crane shots with it. That’s just off the hook. The flex track should be a lot faster to set up than constructing a metal track support and I think you can just add more track to it as well to make it as long as you want it. Should be interesting.

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