February 16, 2011

When it Rains it Pours – SbiG Cancelled…Again

My back is getting better but still tweeked out, but unfortunately I seem to be getting sick as well again. Good grief…I guess there must be more than one thing making the rounds.

So I am going to need to cancel SbIg this week. Sorry guys. I’m spending this week recovering.

In other news, I did win the auction for that ridiculous leather coat so we’re all good there, and I received that Lionel Ritchie shirt yesterday and it’s just as bad in person as you would expect. Good stuff there.

Shannie picked up the screen printing materials for the Mail Bag, so we should have that finished here soon as well.

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  1. Awe, honey, that’s the saddest picture! We’ll have SBiG night again soon. You need to recover!

  2. That picture is really sad. But I can only imagine how bad that Lionel Ritchie shirt is. Get well.

  3. Feel better Michael. I think everyone is getting the bug at the same time. I am taking meds to deal with SbiG withdrawl :)

  4. Nothing worse than double whammy ailments…get better soon and look forward to the next one!

  5. Thanks guys…yeah it’s not fun.

    I did manage to get some work on the Outline done tonight which was good…it was a large scene that needed a lot more detail so I feel like I was productive with it anyway. :-)

  6. Hey brother I hope you feel better. Maybe you need a roundhouse kick to the face from Chuck?

    Tangent for you. Are all of your guitars Fenders or do you have any Gibson ES’ (or similar shape)in your collection?

  7. I used to have a couple ES style of guitars in my collection but I got rid of both of them because I didn’t play them. I sold the Black Sheraton II model earlier this year…the red Ibanez Jazz model was gone before we moved into the condo.

    I have the green fender strat and two usa tele’s added since this image was taken….and the twelve string acoustic in the center here is the one sitting in your bedroom. :-)

    All the rest of the electrics are the Old Ibanez RG super-Strats from back in the Rock/Metal days…a Peavey Vandenburg, and the candy apple red Charvel Model 6.

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