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February 28, 2011

PixelLogic – ZBrush

Back to work on a sunny Monday after a week of product launch activity. We are currently in down time mode waiting to see what design wants to do for the next expansion so I’m having SOE install a licensed copy of ZBrush on my work machine so I can start coming  up to speed on it! Happy Days!!! ZBrush is […]

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February 23, 2011

Always nice to get the Box.. :-)

I went to lunch, came back and my Destiny of Velious box was sitting on my desk…yeayyy. I ordered a soft-case for the K-Pod tripod and adjustable legs for the Pocket Dolly this afternoon. It makes it so I can grab the Dolly off the Jib if I need to and shoot low to the ground, or […]

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Nvidia GTX470s

I’ve been getting sluggish playback from my video system which I thought was odd, and was thinking about getting a new monster system for editing when I came across a neat little tidbit of information. I really didn’t think about since I was able to get ok video performance from the new Adobe CS5 Mercury […]


EQ2 – Destiny of Velious Launch – SbiG CNA returns

Back to work after the presidents day holiday weekend and EQ2 launched Destiny of Velious today. The content went live and it’s out there doing it’s thing now. We got an E-mail from the producer letting us know the Expansion’s pre-sales numbers are the highest we’ve ever had for a launch release which is great […]

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February 19, 2011

Mail Bag Prop – Completed

Shannie completed the Mail Bag prop and it’s all ready to go now. It’s hard to tell in the image since its so dark/contrast-y but it’s a dark blue canvas with the fold over courier style top flap. We actually disassembled the black laptop bag Mark gave us that he found at a swap meet […]

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Trailer Park Boys –

I’ve been digging up some films that kind of have a similar vibe as Tweekers doing some research as we are gearing up for beginning production and came across this gem. Mostly I have been looking for projects that share the same kind of production elements and character driven performances just getting an idea as […]

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February 17, 2011

Messiah Animation Studio – Hit their mark

Not sure if anyone purchased the Messiah Animation Software during their Ransom offer, but they hit their mark and will be sending out a notice for the software licenses this weekend apparently. I did notice the shopping cart function was still active so you may be able to still purchase it if interested. Just giving […]

Fun Stuff

Remedy Films – Canon 7D – Kessler Gear

 A couple cool videos shot by Remedy Films with the Canon 7D Dslr and Kessler Jibs, Cranes and Sliders. Very nice cinematically shot stuff. All the footage in the old machine building is pretty cool. It really shows off what the DSLRs are capable of. Kessler has sent out my flex track so I should […]

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February 16, 2011

When it Rains it Pours – SbiG Cancelled…Again

My back is getting better but still tweeked out, but unfortunately I seem to be getting sick as well again. Good grief…I guess there must be more than one thing making the rounds. So I am going to need to cancel SbIg this week. Sorry guys. I’m spending this week recovering. In other news, I […]

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