January 31, 2011

Lol…Everybody Out of the Pool. :-)

Ok, Guys…

I think we made our point. Can I please have everyone pull down their Review on regarding Jason Moulton’s “Weekend at the Cabin”?

I just got an E-mail from the guy “Asking” if I could pull the negative reviews down and seeing that he asked politely, I decided to oblige him. I sort of started the fire with the SbiG night showing so for “me” I would appreciate it if we pulled it all down and let the dude be on his way. I think we have had enough fun at his expense. It wasn’t a great film, …but lets let it take its course naturally without our influence.

I’m sure we nearly gave the dude a heart attack when he saw the blog and the “special” SbiG Night Movie Poster.

These clearly weren’t the Droids he was looking for. lol

…I really appreciate it….and thank you for your understanding.  

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  1. Joe and Mine are gone as well. I know Tim’s and Bobby’s are still up but I dont know who wrote the 3rd one.

    I thought it was Mark but he said he couldnt post one up without buying something. Did the Bread Machine or Lindz write one?

  2. Pretty pathetic he had to cry to you to get bad reviews off his stupid movie. He should be thankful you paid money for his movie.

  3. Yeah, but I respected that he didn’t freak out and get confrontational about it. If he would have done that or went all “Hollywood” on me I wouldn’t have budged on it. But I felt like I didn’t need to keep the guys nuts in a vice after I talked with him. He was actually quite humble and said he did the best he could with what he had at the time.

    I didn’t like the film, but I can respect the position.

    Since I kind of started this firestorm, I felt like I needed to take responsibility for it….so my thanks again for taking the review down. I know you didnt have to and I appreciate it.

  4. Mine has been removed.

    I get you do the best you can at the time with what you have but on the other hand if you’re going to sell it and try to manipulate the ratings you should be prepared for the response. I don’t think any of us was being unfair to the movie.

  5. No, not at all. He made a bad movie, and put it out in the public domain to be judged. It’s fair game at that point and he better grow a thicker skin if he intends to put out more stuff like that. I don’t think that other review is from us…nor is the comments to the two positive reviews. I just don’t think he was expecting “the SbIG” to come in and wipe the floor with his film right out of the gate. Lol…

    Sounds like a Pay Per View fight….. Live Saturday Night!!!,,,,“Moulten Lava” vs. “The SbiG” lol

  6. So that the fight is even I’ll take the girl with the midriff and headlights :) I know what did you expect from JOKER…

  7. We have a formidable team here. Joker, The Bread Machine, Mask of Soro, The Schlong, and Hollywood…we just need to have Cornbread pun a name for Bobby and we’ll be ready for action. :-)

    As I suspected though, he’s already starting to get other reviews that are hammering his film that don’t have anything to do with us.

  8. Yeah indiefilmjunkie is none too happy… withering review…

  9. he asked me to be in that film. obviously i made the right choice. i never saw it, but saw the trailer. that’s all i needed.

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