January 31, 2011

Karlton Coffin – 3Minutes of Fury CD Shipped out

I just got the E-mial that my copies of the  “3 Minutes of Fury” CD are on the way down here now. KC got them in the mail from the manufacturer and sent mine down to me this morning. Yeayyy!

I dont know how many have been shipped but for those who want one, let me know and I’ll get one to ya.

Three weeks until EQ2 “Destiny of Velious” launches which is great. Enjoying the laxed time at work stomping out the occasional bug while waiting for details on whatever is next.

On the Tweeker’s front, I still have not recieved a cancellation on the uniform purchase so hopefully I’ll have it this week. Still crossing fingers.

Retro Assault is moving along. Still working on Ship art and gearing up for code support. With any luck that will all start by the end of this month.

Shannie is starting to feel better now…poor thing. She got hit hard with that stuff going around.

Other than that, just enjoying the last day of Jan. here watching time continue to shoot by at an alarming rate. :-)

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