January 30, 2011

RED = Great Film

Shannie and I picked up the BluRay version of RED tonight and watched it.

It’s really good. Malkovich is hilarious in it. The whole cast was excellent, good writing, and just a really cool film. After Willis did Cop Out I was thinking maybe this was the death nail for him doing comedies but he was in top form on this one. Classic Bruce Willis stuff. The shot where he casually steps out of a spinning car was pretty slick…even if it was theoretically impossible. lol…

It’s definitely worth checking out.

On the Film front I am waiting to see if my order went through for a Mail Carrier Uniform I purchased through a local uniform seller. It might be the weekend and they haven’t processed the order yet, but so far so good. I haven’t received a cancellation notice. With any luck it will go through and we’ll have the main character wardrobe done for the opening film scenes this coming week.

Crossing fingers. :-)

Other than that, just writing away…

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  1. Somehow I missed this one when it came out will need to check it out…sounds great.

  2. Watched on PPV last night. Agree this was worth watching. Brian Cox was pretty good to as the Russian spy. Malcovich was great.

  3. Is Helen Mirren running around naked in this one sniffing coke off John Malkovich gun while he enunciates every word yelling at someone?

  4. I dont think I would want to see a naked Helen Mirren at this point, and I dont think people want to see Malkovich if he wasnt doing his schtick. what would be the point? :-)

  5. Hey, when you get a chance and feel like having some fun…head over to Amazon and write a review for Moultin’s little opus “weekend at the Cabin”.

    He now has some friends over there trying to offset the other reviews by giving it 5 stars saying how amazing it is. lol…

    Given the past experiences some of us have had with him, I think a few more honest reviews might do him some good. :-)

  6. Just wrote one. Tried to be nice about it..

  7. lol…subtle Joe…very That was like watching someone Club a Baby Seal.

  8. Also wrote one…thanks for drawing this to our attention.

  9. Check out Tim and Joe using their real names on the Amazon reviews! I’m not that brave. (especially after seeing Moulton-lava do his thing with the shower chick)

  10. I think I could run away from him if I had to. :)

  11. Or push him over like a weeble wable…lol.

  12. I could also throw a steak in one direction and run the other way…

  13. I’d still be a little careful. He might get the jump on ya with one of those “Bad Edits”. :-)

  14. Looks like a new review just popped up! I think I might recognize that guy! 😉

  15. lol, Yeah I saw they finally reposted it. I “had” to use an alias since he has my E-mail already and knows who I am.

    Toe to Toe I’m not worried about. Being shot on a street corner by the nut job might be embarassing. :-)

  16. I have to say though whatever process this film was placed on Amazon works pretty well. Put “weekend at the Cabin ” in the search engine and it comes right up. So there’s that. Definitely taking my glock into the shower though… :)

  17. Tim be careful not to shoot off your xxxx with the glock :) I Tried to leave a review and it would not let me until I purchase something from Amazon. That sucks.

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