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  1. I like how there are visible turrets on this ship. How big is it going to be compared to the player’s ship?

  2. The player ship is really small compared to this one. A little larger than one of the turrets.

    The Circular gears are a Gatling gun kind of weapon that fires off volleys of projectiles in multiple directions at once.

    This one also has launching missiles. You have to destroy all the turrets and targets to destroy the vessel and you’ll see all the damage updating on the ship as you start taking targets out.

  3. Yah, I have no clue what the hell you guys are talking about.

  4. We’re talking about the details that will inevitably lead me to making a large sum of extra disposable cash this year. :-)

  5. Oh yaaaaa, Now I understand. GA GA GA Giggity…..

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