January 28, 2011

Going Postal –

Well now that Tinman is up and I’m looking into funding options for the project I’m taking a little time to get materials together for Tweekers.

Bobbie and I are working together on the screenplay, and I want to get some project materials together to sort of hone in on the direction for this project as well.

The way I see it is I have a project that needs external funding, and I have another project that doesn’t…so basically the logic is if we get funding for Tinman before we finish the Tweekers script, we’ll go that route, and if not we’ll just roll with Tweekers and continue on with Tinman as a follow up project. So basically the one that gets there first wins. lol..

Either way I am determined to get a feature length film finished and into festivals by the end of the year.

That said, finding a postal uniform was a lot harder than I anticipated. lol. Apparently the powers that be “really” dont want you having a Mail Carrier uniform and my order got smacked down earlier today. lol…

It was actually much eaiser getting police uniforms together…go figure…

Lucky for me I have my sweet beautiful wife who can whip up such a uniform on the low low, and I purchased the old US Mail patches off of Ebay today. I also got patches for the US Mail Inspector character as well, so were good to go there.

I purchased the big US Mail sign magnets that go on vehicles so outside of a few odds and ends we’ll be ready to do some test shooting soon. The opening shot in Tweekers is basically Floyd who runs his postal route like an obstacle course pissing off residence and doing other unscrupulous stuff.

I think for promo materials we’re going to shoot this scene with over-cranked slow-mo shots, and other fun stuff so we have actual footage, some cool photography and art for the Tweekers website…it should be a lot of fun…and completely ridiculous. I figure if we come out on the other end of shooting just the opener and we’re all sitting back laughing our asses off already, we’ll have something pretty cool here.

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