January 27, 2011

zzzzz –

Back to work today after recovering from being sick the last couple days. My head is still soaking in a NyQuil coma but I am getting some work done.

Looking forward to SbiG night tonight with fun company. I did manage to get a little work done on Retro Assault. The latest Boss ship is looking really cool. I sent off some inquiries into Tinman funding avenues, putting together a business plan and doing a little more work on the structure for Tweekers.

I’m going to be ordering Mark’s postal outfit so I can develop some start-up materials for Tweekers while I continue working to get Tinman off the ground.

All and all things are moving right along. We are launching a new EverQuest II I-phone / Android app apparently. I don’t really know what it’s about but it looks like EQ2 will have some kind of mobile device presence. That’s kind of cool.

Speaking of EQ2, I found out that Teresa Noreen, one of the Acting leads I mentioned in Weekend at the Cabin was actually the front runner in a EverQuest II promotional campaighn when SOE was looking for a spokes-model. lol…Apparently she was the fan favorite but they ended up giving it to someone else in the end.

Just another one of those “Small World” moments.

O.K…enough yapping…Now I need to find me some more caffeine. :-)

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