January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! – 2011

Yikes! 2011 already!

Another year shooting by like a freight train….where did it go? :-)

Well 2010 was an interesting one and of course the blog documents a lot of the fun I guess. With the addition of more people that frequent this place, it has turned a little more impersonal in terms of everyday stuff me and Shannie have been doing but I think it still retains enough of the broad strokes to get an idea of what’s been going on around here.

Some of the Highlights of 2010 –

The Move: 2010 started with a bang of course. Shannie and I moved into the Condo while we sorted out our housing details. Out with the old and in with the new…a move always represents a kind of ending of one chapter and new beginnings and this one was no different.

EverQuest II: BattleGrounds Update –

The beginning of the year marked the launch of Battlegrounds, a release of 4 battle arena style zones for EQ2.

Plan B and the never ending miss spelling of Rhoads’ name – :-)

I did the first round of Post Production on Tim “The Schlong” Clifton’s Directorial effort “Plan B” which turned out to be an interesting challenge of working on someone elses’ film project other than my own. I think my favorite part of post production here was getting blindsided by Canon’s new DSLR codec that presented a huge monkey wrench in the works. Nothing like working with footage that doesn’t play nice with any current hardware at the time.

Luckily Adobe came up with a solution with CS5 using the footage natively and “The Schlong” was able to re-cut it to get it to work for him. Even though my cut ended up not getting used, maybe some day when I have a collection of film works behind me and I’m old and gray, someone will be interested in tracking down MB’s totally mysterious bootleg version of Tim Clifton’s cult classic. :-)

And of course through it all poor Rhoad’s name kept getting printed as “Rhoades”…so for everyone that doesn’t know. Rhoads Osbourne is Randy “Rhoads” + Ozzy “Osbourne” combined. I wonder if ol’ Road Dog knows the intro to “Crazy Train”? lol…


Karlton Coffin: 3 Minutes of Fury CD –

In March I finished up Guitar tracks for Karlton Coffin’s 3 Minutes of Fury CD and we did a photo-shoot with Playboy model Melany Lorenzo for the cover image. The usual suspects helped out for the back cover sleeve, Tim, Joe, Cornbread and poor Rhoads that got shafted when the aspect of the image required me to have him squatted down behind a cubical wall and mostely out of the picture. We did manage to keep his right hand in the final composite though. :-)

It took KC the rest of the year to finally finish up post production on it, but we should be seeing the end product any day now. Look for it on Itunes and other outlets very soon!

Private Pictures –

April and May marked the filming of Private Pictures, a short film that primarily was a test for my new Canon 1Dmk4 camera. We learned two very valuable lessons on this film. No Drinking on set….and No Fucking Drinking on set. lol…

We’ll I learned a lot more than that, but this was a particular lesson worth repeating. We had a fake knife and a dulled prop knife that needed to be used and even the fake cardboard knife was able to stab Cornbread in the nipple in the hands of a very drunk lady. Ohh yeah, and if someone is totally smashed…they don’t really take direction well….Like Please don’t Stab one of our actors to death with a butcher knife. :-)

Fortunately I was able to use still images to get the scene to work and nobody was killed shooting the film. The next weekend of shooting worked out great with the fine acting talent of Lyla Dixon and Jennifer Provenza and we put together a pretty solid little film. The quality was a huge leap forward from Obituary Notice and outside of some audio issues with fans in two of the key lights, it came together pretty easily.

The Cutting Room Floor – Hero and Hostile Foreclosure

After shooting private pictures, things got a little dicey. lol…

First up was “Hero”, a short film I developed some storyboards for. I got actors in place, costumes, props, etc….all I needed was a location. We’ll finding a dark brooding Chicago style location in San Diego is pretty close to impossible, but shooting a 5 minute film and paying over 2k in permits and insurance is repugnant so after CalTrans yanked the initial location I wanted to use that would have worked and trying to charge me 750 bucks a day to have someone watch the location while we shot there which is ridiculous, I decided it wasn’t worth the cost or the hassle.

Then on to “Hostile Foreclosure”.

What happens when you cast a lead for a film you were previously going to do when that part in particular was a mute one and now the same dude has a ton of dialog and has to carry the entire film on the weight of a heavy acting performance when you didn’t screen test him specifically for that part? You end up with a guy that cant act and a whole room of seasoned actors looking at you with one thing on their mind. WTF!??@#* lol…

Yes, even something as ridiculous as an “Action Hero” part requires some amount of acting talent. Who’d a thought it possible? :-) Well it’s not fun to be in that scenareo, and after reaching too close to the deadline for shooting this little guns-a-blazing short, I decided it was time to pull the plug on it to start working on features and get ready for MonsterBash.

We did meet some amazing talent of the likes of Ivana Brookes and a really great guy Mike Burnell so it wasn’t a total loss. We also met the charming Mark Benjamin and lovely Alona Summers we plan on working with here soon…so it wasn’t a total loss. ohhh…and we did acquire enough prop guns to shoot just about any action move in the future. :-)


Monsterbash 2010!! –

This year we brought it with Monsterbash 2010. We pulled out the stops and gave it a face. That face was of a fun 3 minute promo video we shot for it in the theme of the Fandango Puppets. We brought the quality up and even surpassed what we did last year. We had a great time and we’re really looking forward to 2011.

EverQuest II: Destiny of Velious –

I wrapped up the 6th EverQuest II expansion to be released in Feb. of 2011. This was a particular challenge due to the shear size of the zone I put together. I did manage to finish it on time with the skin off my teeth. I know for sure I am not going to be doing anything this big again. lol….but everyone loved how it turned out and I’m looking forward to the release in Feb. I’ll be moving on to the next Expansion when I get back in the office on the 3rd.

Tinman –

In Oct. I began working on a first feature length film called Tinman I plan to shoot in 2011. What was initially supposed to be a concept I could shoot on a shoe string budget seems to have taken on a lot of production elements since it began and now not quite as low budget as I had in mind. I’m determined not to self-fund the project so we’ll see how it goes in 2011.

I made major purchases that pretty much finished off my shooting / production gear so the bulk of the funding would just be going to props, locations, permits, and other production elements.

At the end of the year I have a Screenplay that on it’s way to completion and I produced some really cool concepts I’ll be using to approach potential investors with which I think I have the bulk of the materials I need for that.

The Bottom Line –

It’s been a pretty fun and productive year. We had some setbacks, but all and all a good year. 

On the Horizon for 2011 –

The House –

2011 Shannie and I will be focusing on getting our house situation in order. The condo served it’s purpose in 2010 and now it’s time to buckle down in preparation of purchasing a new home. We initially had plans to build in Spring Valley but we will be doing that some time down the road now. We simply don’t have enough space with everything that we do here and building would require a much longer time window than we really want to deal with.  

 That being said it will impact some things in the first half of 2011. The biggest being we wont be self funding any film projects for a while.

Tinman – I took a much needed break through the Xmas holiday and still currently cranking away to finish the screenplay. We’re in the last lap now so when it’s done I’ll be gearing up from there with the production pitch. I think the concept is pretty solid and I’m pretty confident we’ll get some external funding to start shooting the project sometime in 2011. As mentioned above, I dont plan on funding this project internally so production / shooting will start when we have an investor on board.

ExplosiveWare Interactive –

While shopping Tinman around, I’ll be developing an arcade shooter title based on game tech I have laying around from a previous game and adding I-touch support for launching a new I-Pad game early in the year.  With the game code already in place, putting the rest of the game together should be relatively theory. lol…

The truth is working on game projects cost very little overhead for me so it’s a good thing to be working on while I run Tinman up the flag pole and see who salutes it.

With any luck, I should have a first I-Pad game product on the market and have some kind of funding locked in to start production on Tinman shortly after. Time will tell how it all shakes out of course.

We’re pretty determined to get the house thing in order this year, so projects will have to work around that this time around. I joked with Shannie a few months back about the best thing I could do financially to obtain that goal would be simply to not do anything at all and it would all work it’s self out. lol…but I’m simply not wired that way. I think launching this game title will keep me out of trouble for the time being. :-)

So that’s mostly it for my year end run down. I hope everyone had a great year and I look forward to kicking it with ya all in 2011!


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  1. thank you for your kind words, bacon:) 2010 was a great year fer sure. it’d be interesting to top it this year.

  2. I shooting for knocking 2011 out of the park. :-)

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