December 29, 2010

Merry Late Xmas –

Wow, I’ve been pretty checked out of posting on here for a while now. lol…

Well I hope ya all had a great Xmas, it was a good one for us here at the Bacon residence. My Mumz and Gary came into town last Wed. Evening and left early monday morning so it was a good time visiting with them. They had a great time and we look forward to our new tradition of having them down for the holiday.

Santa was pretty good to us this year as well. I got a new pair of Van Halen shoes which are awesome. lol…and an I-pod interface for the FJ Cruiser which was really cool. I also got a I-Pad stand and some other fun stuff. Shannie found the DVD “Wake up Ron Burgundy” which contains almost a full movie re-cut version of Anchorman using mostly alternate footage. kind of interesting. It’s like the first version of the film that didn’t make it to print…a lot of footage was completely re-shot with different actors. One shot in particular is where they used M.C. Gainey, the inmate pilot in “Con-Air” for the scene where Ron Burgundy cleans himself up in the bar where it was Danny Trejo in the released Anchorman version. I also finished my collection of “The Shield” with Seasons 5, 6 and 7 on DVD. I love that show. :-)

Other than that just starting to get back into the swing of things, but still in Vacation mode. That being said we’ll be doing SbiG next week for anyone that’s interested. We’re still putting the place back together from Xmas, and I have Shannie’s Birthday at the end of the week.

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