December 15, 2010

3 Minutes of Fury Update – Final Mixes are completed

Karlton finished the final mixes for the “3 Minutes of Fury” CD and it goes off to mastering and manufacturing next week. Yeeayyy..

I went through the CD / new mixes this morning and quite a bit has changed since the initial scrubs were recorded. it’s a lot nore layered and polished now and I think it’s going to be a pretty cool release. I cant wait to get my paws on the final product obviously. :-)

Looking forward to seeing ya all at SbiG tonight! lol..

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  1. alas, i can’t make it to the sbig viewing. i have filming tonight for the other thriller short. i have to get my eyes cut out and my nose moved over for a picasso killing. hope it turns out great, otherwise the next sbig night it’ll be watching my film. either way, guess it’ll be a good laugh and i’ll bring the popcorn…and my face back in tact.

  2. Sounds good. Have fun having your eyeballs removed. :-)

    We’ll see ya soon!

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