December 10, 2010

SbiG Night Presents – The One Armed Executioner

SbiG Night Presents – The One Armed Executioner / They Call her… Cleopatra Wong

When: Wed. Evening

Time: 7:30pm

Where: The Bacon Estate

Yes this is going to be an epic one. All hell is about to break loose…you can bet your ass baby! Snacks and Drinks, Yada Yada… :-)

SbiG Night
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  1. Will be there!!! And look forward to the showing of “Deranged and Motel Hell” in a couple weeks. Let me know if I can bring something other than myself.

  2. Hey guys I can’t make this round unfortunately I am doing some pick up shots for my film but I know it will be epic!

  3. Looks like “Road Dog” is coming this week so between him and CB, it should be a pretty lively SbiG. :-)

    I took a look at the trailer for “Cleopatra Wong” and it looks really awesome bad as well.

    I’m expecting this week to be pretty SbiG-Tastic.

  4. Tim is that code for shooting gay porn?

    Little known CB fact: I am the two-armed executioner.

  5. lol,

    You should wear your Matrix outfit tomorrow night. :-)

  6. This sounds like alot of fun, but I have a pretty big showcase tomorrow night infront of a pretty big producer. Are you doing something next week? Tati wants to go! Hey are we going to Tron still?

  7. We have been doing these every week…so if people are down for next week, we’ll probably be doing another one then.

    I was thinking Friday night showing of Tron, but I’ll have to check with Shannie. Sony is actually buying out a screening for us Friday Afternoon so I may go to that. I’m not sure yet.

  8. Can the Reverend Cornbread do Kung Fu?

  9. I can not reveal my martial arts abilities as the technique I know is centuries old. It does involve the use of chicken nuggets as a weapon.

  10. Yo’ admin! Let me know if you got a 3rd or 4th ticket to that Sony screening… lol

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