December 9, 2010

TM Update –

TM Screenplay – Still working on it. I got some more done tonight and over a tough dialog scene which I needed a couple days to work through. I found a cool element that worked and now back to making progress. Being sick didn’t help which was probably most of the problem. Hard to come up with creative solutions when your head feels like its underwater.

So it’s moving along.

I got home and tested out the new lens and it’s awesome. The zoom range is really nice, and it has the same smooth lush Bokeh as the other L’s.  It’s going to be great for still photography and video.

I got the Audio instrument collections today and they are bad ass. I didn’t spend too much time with them, only loading up Dark Skies into Protools, but it sounds amazing. So many really great cinematic sounds and instruments. I’m sure I’ll be loading the whole shebang into the rig this weekend and testing them out.

They will come in very handy for TM as well as whatever else I have going on. I guess you can never have too much atmosphere.

Tor is working on two new concept pieces so hopefully Ill have those soon here. 

I think it’s time for bed. :-)

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