December 8, 2010

No SbiG this week –

Sorry guys, we wont be doing SbiG this Thurs. We are doing a major re-model on one of the bathrooms and have the Shower completely ripped out and all over the place. We should have the place back up and running over the weekend so we’ll reconvene next week.

I also haven’t been feeling well this week with the flu or whatever it is that’s been going around. kind of Sucky but look forward to a double feature of “Eaten Alive” and “The One Arm Executioner” next week. :-)


SbiG Night
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  1. I heard a Chilly Dilly will cure what ails you! Hope you feel better, def up for the next double feature.

  2. Tim you stole my line! Mike it might sound silly but a Chilly Dilly on your Willy will cure you faster than any pilly…rilly (might want to put that in the Chilly Dilly RAP):) Feel better…

  3. Thanks Tim, the next SbiG will be epic.

    Mark, thats just too silly man. lol…but nice try. Thanks for the well wishes. :-)

    Till next week!

  4. I’m going to miss the next showing as I have my last holiday party on the same night.

  5. I’m not sure if a SBiG night is possible without The Cornbread!

  6. Yeah, SbiG with CB just woudnt be the same. We can do it on Wed. night next week. :-)

  7. “Eaten Alive” is in the house! Is CB available for Wed.?

  8. Right on brotha. SbiG Wed. it is.. :-)

  9. I will be there as well. I now have my copy of “Deranged and Motel Hell” in hand so please put it on the menu for the coming weeks of SbiG.

    A couple of fun facts from the back of the DVD:

    The producer of Deranged raised $200,000 from the movie to promote concerts for Rod Stewart, Led Zeppelin and Rod Stewart. “A film of necrophilia and murder” :)

    Cliff from “Cheers” apperars in a brief role as a punk rocker in Motel Hell as does Monique St. Pierre Playboy’s 1979 Playmate of the year…

  10. Cool Mark! We have “The One Armed Executioner / Cleopatra Wong” this Wed, “Eaten Alive / Shock em’ Dead” the following SbiG, then we can do the Deranged/Motel Hell Double after that… :-)

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