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November 19, 2010

Tinman – Tinman Lair / Camp Concept

Here is the new version of the Tinman Camp. If you click on the image it will give you the higher res version. I like the aesthetic a lot more than the previous one, and it has that dread-ish tone I was looking for. Another Great piece from Kait. I’m up to page 40 on the screenplay […]

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Holy Shit!

Ohh good freakn grief…lol. We had the SBIG screening of Barracuda tonight and it was a fucking laugh riot. Thanks guys for coming out. It was a great time. CB brought over this DVD he got from NetFlicks which turned out to be a Drive In Double Feature….with Island Fury. I bought the double feature version from […]

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November 16, 2010

SBIG Movie Night – Barracuda

SBIG (So-Bad-It’s-Good) Movie Night – Thursday at 7:30PM – Barracuda Anyone interested in coming over for Dinner and the Flick, let us know so we have enough grub. You might not want to miss this amazing gem of a film. “The Underwater Thriller with Ice Cold Action. Can you solve the Mystery of Barracuda?”  ..

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November 14, 2010

Screenplay – Update

Well the outline is finished and I’m back into the screenplay again….about 25 pages in so far so we’re making good headway on it now. One of the new additions that made it in to the latest version of the screenplay is Tinman’s Ride! lol…yes, Tinman actually has a pimp’n vehicle in the film that will […]

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November 12, 2010

Abar – Black Superman = hilarious / Poster Mock

I did a quick poster mock up for the project and thought it turned out pretty cool. I obviously attached the new helmet design which I think works well. I wasn’t really thinking about using this as the poster art, but I think I might have Kait take this image to a super hi-res version I can […]

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November 11, 2010

Power…I need more Power…

Today I purchased a high power Tekkeon Battery for my Manhattan HD Monitor for the camera rig. Apparently it lasts about 5 hrs on a full charge so that’s pretty cool. I also purchased a super grip clamp to use with the Arm I have so I can mount it to the rig as well. […]

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November 9, 2010

Tinman Update –

Well the good news is I made a lot of progress on refining the story base of the film. The bad news is I changed some things in the process that impacted some of the underlined mechanics so now I’m working out what the new changes impact. I added another character into a C story that solved […]

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November 7, 2010

Mask Ver. 4 – Final

Here is the Final version for the Tinmn Mask / Helmet concept. Kait matched the side versions to the front profile I had and this is what we’re going to roll with. Now it’s on to a new Environment / Camp concept done in this styling, the Poster piece and Scene mock ups after that…

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November 6, 2010

Tinman Mask – Ver.3

I took Kait’s design and did a quick paint over to add some additional elements making it more chaotic and rough to match up with the arcane aesthetic. The final design will most likely be a fusion of the two images above. After looking at the helmet / mask for a while I decided the night vision […]

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Tinman Re-Design Round 2

The Final Comp of Tinman -w-out Helmet (Top) and WIP of Helmet / Head Design (Bottom) Kait added Tinman’s main weapon in hand, scaled it up and then added the Delta “V” Bow on his back. The face has been altered to give him more damage to the right side of his face and I’m […]

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