November 29, 2010

Black Friday –

I purchased a couple Black Friday specials this weekend. 4 new instrument libraries for ProTools…yeah! lol..

The Zero-G bundle has gigs and gigs of cool instruments aimed at Horror and Sci-Fi ambiance while Symphonic Orchestra Gold is a crazy collection of realistic Symphonic instruments. My current soft-synths for doing orchestrations were pretty light, so these will most definitely give me some new sounds to work with. I guess it’s time to dust the ProTools rig off and play around with these a little.  

On the Screenplay front, I got a lot of work done on it but not as far as I would have liked. I found I just need to let it work it’s self out naturally at this point or it’s too forced. I did get through 9 scenes that seem pretty solid so I feel pretty good about where it’s at.


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