November 25, 2010

The 3Rd Letter – Happy Turkey Day!

An really amazing looking film shot on the Canon 5D Mk II –

Happy Turkey Day everybody! Hope ya all are having a good start to your holiday weekend activities. :-)

We have a mix of family and trying to get some stuff done…so we’ll be in and out all weekend. Tor has details for another concept piece so I should get a new thumbnail sketch tonight or tomorrow most likely. I keep forgetting these concept artists dont live in the states so this isnt a holiday for them.

With the long weekend, I’m hoping to wrap up the screenplay by Sunday, but we’ll see how that goes. The first draft should be done or close to it by then.

Next week is going to be a major crunch period at SOE with Art Lock on our current EQ2 expansion so Mon through Wed. is going to be a wash for working on the film project but good news is after this final week, it’s all really laxed till the end of the year doing bux fixes and last minute designer requests until we start ramping up on whatever is next.

I’ll also be getting together with Alex here soon talking with him about what we need for the Tinman Weapon and Helmet Props. I’m really looking forward to nailing down the Tinman design production assets. Once I have them I’m going to be grabbing some of the cast I’ll have at that time and do some mock production stills to have for the promo materials as well as doing some color studies for what I want the end result to look like.

Should be pretty interesting.

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  1. The Canon 5D Mk II is pretty awesome. Hope you and the fam have a great holiday and good luck next week at work.

    This following is a little piece Jeremy Piven did on Seinfeld. He is a better George than George :)

  2. Hey, thanks Mark…You guys have a great turkey day too!!

    Seinfeld was awesome. I have this episode on DVD. cool stuff.

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