November 24, 2010

Tinman – Concept Piece

Here’s a concept piece from Tor depicting a shot out of the screenplay. This scene portays Alona Summers who will be playing “Christi” in the film who gets her foot snagged in a snare just before she gets clubbed to death by Tinman in a pretty brutal FX shot. The Scene is still in the film but I ended up switching out her character with another so she ends up dying a little later on in the film now.

As for the FXs, the shot will be similar to the scene in Hot Fuzz where the reporter who cant spell gets hit on the head with part of the church roof. lol. Just a big nasty smack down with head splattering everywhere. lol..

Obviously the details on Tinman are a little different from the actual character design we’ll be using but it conveys the overall visual, tone and composition of the shot I was looking for.

Pretty cool… :-)

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  1. The concept pieces just keep getting more exciting.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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