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  1. Looks like Tim’s living room. Just need chips and salsa on top of the generator and its a dead match.

  2. Awesome looking domicile Mike :) This is gonna be great.

    Also, I did some research on ZAAT and found out it has 5 different names.

    I tried to order it on Amazon and it came back with a message that I could not buy the copy by cart. Nor is it available on ebay. WTF?

  3. All work and no play makes Tim a dull boy.

  4. A video of Cage losing his shit and not one clip from Honeymoon in Vegas? One of the greatest performances of comedy in movie history. Tim, I’m going to have to take away your diet coke now.

  5. lol…cockfuck! lol..

    That losing his shit video is hilarious. :-)

    Ohh…I got my 50 Drive-in movie pack, and another DvD from the same company as Barracuda with a double feature of “search and destroy” and “The Glove” that looks awesomely bad.

    Next thruday we’ll be doing it up. :-)

  6. Ya know as I watch that video I see alot of Andy Kaufmann in that performance…haha. Maybe that was Andy’s real secret…he is alive and living in Nick Cage :)

  7. yay! looks great!!!

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