November 21, 2010

When the Jazz Died –

 It was a rainy day in San Diego today which I love, but it set a somber tone for losing one of my favorite actresses. You may know her as Jazz from “Ford Fairlane” or “Mary Swanson” from the Jim Carey Classic quotable comedy “Dumb and Dumber”. Yes it was a very sad day today seeing the news of the loss of one my all time favorite female icons right in front of me.

Before I go further I have to say NO, I am not referring to her death, she’s actually alive and well. We had to switch out our cable box today because it wasn’t working right but when we got the new one plugged in and testing it out by going through some channels I landed on a horrific sight. An aging Lauren Holly stripping down naked taking it up the ass literally for a totally gratuitous sex scene in of all things, a really freak’n horrific Uwe Boll movie called Final Storm. Nooooooooo!!!!!  

Ooohhh the horror. Getting naked in a Uwe Boll film, you might as well put the last nail in the coffin. So in a career move that I’m sure she’ll never recover from, I have shed a tear knowing I’ll probably never see Mary Swanson in anything worth watching again….single tear. :-(

Ok, thats enough of that. lol… Outside of that, the day was a pretty productive one.

Made some more inroads on the Screenplay so that was good.

Tor is back from vacation and sent me a rough comp of one of the Art pieces I’m contracting from him. Its a really cool shot of Alona crawling on the ground with Tinman towering over her. It’s going to be a slick piece.

Kait also sent me a rough interior shot of the Project Trailer that looks really cool as well. That image should be done by Monday if not sooner.

And in other news I think I might have my Female lead for the film. I’ve seen her work in a few shorts which she was great in, and from what I can tell has that vibe that will work really well for the Amanda character. She’s interested in the project and going to be coming out to read for the part week after next. Crossing fingers there… :-)

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  1. So sad! I love Lauren Holly. She will forever be Mary Samsonite.

  2. Any chance you can post that scene on here? I want to see how, ah, the story flows and stuff.

  3. I blame Bernie Madoff, she probably had all her money invested with him and now she’s reduced to these kinds of roles…you can only hope she made enough to laugh all the way to the bank.

  4. Well I’m sure you can track it down easy enough for your “Story Flow and Stuff” activities. lol…It was on one of the cable channels somewhere.

    I doubt she made “Michael Cane” kind of money here Unfortunately. I mean, it is a Uwe Boll film.

    Most of his films lose money, so she probably took the role and left her dignity for basic SAG wages.

  5. Yeah, I was just hoping, y’know. Man, that is sad.

  6. I loved her too! Much too young to leave us…

  7. Not to be the insensitive prick or anything, but I just want to see her get it up the butt.

  8. Joe…as Ford Fairlane would say unsensitive or not that would be “unfukinbeleavable” :)

  9. Well your a breath of fresh air in an ocean of diarrhea…

  10. Conversation with Zuzu was like masturbating with a cheese grater: slightly amusing, but mostly painful.

  11. Come to think about it, if we can get Joe to slick back his hair we could probably make Ford Fairlane II. lol…

  12. I still can’t figure out how this movie didn’t clean up. It was a great movie. I don’t care what they say.

  13. Maybe the franchise is ready for a ReBoot. :-)


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