November 20, 2010

Tinman Project Trailer Layout –

I sent off the Trailer Interior layout to Kait so we can start working on the concept piece for it.

I gave him images of the two actresses that will be in a few of these scenes…Ivana and Alona, so depending on time, we’ll have a couple of our cast members depicted in this new image. I gave Ivana’s image to Tor as well which should be back from vacation tomorrow that will be working on another concept piece with her and Tinman in it. I’m looking forward to seeing these new pieces and adding them to the pitch materials.

I ordered some new films on Amazon tonight for upcoming SBIG nights. From the same series of “Drive-in Double Features” we seen last Thursday the had “Search and Destroy / The Glove” that looked awesomely bad so I picked that up…but then I saw a Drive in 50 Movie pack and the titles are glorious. lol…

Black Hooker, I wonder who’s killing her now, Jive Turkey, The Island Monster, TNT Jackson, VooDoo Black Exorcist, Women of Devil’s Island…how can you go wrong with those! lol..


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  1. The titles alone are awesome…I think you should trademark your SBIG logo it’s a pretty great idea. Imagine, the SBIG film festival…

  2. LOL…We would have to get Cornbread a microphone for commentary over the whole thing. :-)

    Probably wouldn’t be too much trouble getting the rights to play them either. lol

    I’m still looking for Zaat. I can get it as part of a mystery science theater 3000 but disk but I’m not sure you get the film in its entirety. I got my eyes out for it though.

    I also picked up Drive-In Cult Classics Vol. 3…

    I love this one title description:

    Blood Mania:
    A scorned daughter murders her abortionist/physician father to get his inheritance and help out her junkie boyfriend. All goes according to plan until she learns that she is not the beneficiary of his will.

    You know thats gotta be good.

  3. Just imagine the award categories, worst dressed, most awkward moment, most random moment.

    I’m sure you will find Zaat part of the fun is hunting for it…can’t wait for the next one…

  4. BTW found a review of Zaat and they listed the following as “things they learned from the movie”:

    * Using a six inch needle to inject serum into your forearm is overkill.
    * C-clamps should not be used to precisely control the flow of liquids through a tube.
    * Toads and catfish are incapable of interbreeding, but they sure can make a mess trying.
    * Waterlogged corpses constantly move their hands when doing the “dead man’s float.”
    * Coral reefs can be found on the bottom of freshwater lakes and ponds.
    * Few amphibians ever become successful as sketch artists.
    * Catfish feed on blood.
    * Hippies singing can be easily mistaken for screams.
    * Geiger counters are waterproof.

  5. Lol, thats awesome. Well if we’re still having fun with SbiG night later down the road maybe it’ll be time to expand the format. :-)

    Yeah, I gotta find Zaat. The trailer is just too good not to have it.

    The Things learned list is great. lol..

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