October 31, 2010

Holy Sheep Shit…MonsterBash 2010


A good time was had by all. :-)

Well here are some photos of the 2010 MonsterBash. Unfortunately I didn’t pull out my Camera till about half way into the night and didn’t get Mike Burnell andFriend Sam’s awesome Pirate outfits, Jeff luko’s “Spock”, Gail’s Witch Doctor, Jesse’s Spider Queen, Dex’s “YouTube Dude”, Jerry’s Seeing Eye Dog, Elliot’s blue monster…and Abba and Mimi who I believe were gypsies. There was some awesome costumes last night!

This year’s first price winner of “The Pussy Award” went to Michael Angelo and his “Sheep Fucker” costume which was wrong in every way, but freak’n hilarious. 2nd Price went to Justin’s “Baby Carlos” and third prize going to Lindsey’s “Snooky” Costume. Well played guys! :-)

Shannie and I got home with Cornbread in tow at 5am this morning. lol…thanks for the Ass Rub / Pink Eye Duane. lol.

It was a great evening.

Thank you everybody for making it out…It was a total blast!

– Happy Halloween!

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  1. Thanks for the great time Michael and Shannie. We had a blast. Good people, good chat and good food. I got a much better looking Batman and Robin than Christian Bale did…hahaha.

  2. Awesome photos Michael Bacon. Great time. Love you guys.

  3. wOw, had a blast. Great job on everything, look forward to seeing you soon.

  4. I think the Cornbread cuddle was worth the pink-eye!

  5. Thanks Guys! It was an amazing time for sure. Mark, your Joker costume was totally awesome! And it was great to meet your Wife Gail. She’s very charming.

    Lindz, thanks for coming out and helping us setup, it looked amazing…and those pics of you are fantastic.

    Michelangelo, lol…the Sheep Fucker Costume was totally rad, and twisted!..and worthy. Looking forward to next year brotha. :-)

    lol…thanks babe, but I was actually talking about the Butt grind in the chair last night.

  6. Oh, THAT pink-eye action….

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