October 29, 2010

T-Minus 30hrs till MonsterBash!

Well it’s 30 hrs till MonsterBash 2010!

Shannie and I are heading over to the location to start setting everything up. Hopefully well see the Lindz and Cornbread at some point this evening for a little pre-Party get together. We had a lot of fun last year getting things ready, listing to Dave Attel “Roll her up in the Carpet…bbbeewwwrrrgggg!”, and staying up weee into the night making sure things were looking to the level of “extra ordinary magnitude”. :-) 

Now It’s time to go set up crazy lights and sound system….

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  1. I’m sorry we can’t make it tonight brother. We have another Halloween double decker party bus to go to through work. See you tomorrow stallion.

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