October 27, 2010

Ok, this is just freakn awesome…lol

J-ro turned me on to this nifty Ipad App…Slate.

I was actually looking for a digital slate but this thing is so much cooler. No Tape, or Pens, or Erasers…it uses digital number readout or you can actually use it to sync with hardware. You can put in all your optical info like lens type, F-stop, Shutter speed, Distance to subject, etc, etc…it updates the take number every time you tap it to end a take automatically….Its totally freak’n awesome. That in itself just made the Ipad worth the sticker price. lol…

I figured out how to sequence images. It’s kind of lame but it works by setting the creation date of the file in the right click properties and re-sync-ing the folders afterwards. So now I can use it on set to go through storyboards by swiping the screen to scroll through SB pages as well as using the PDF reader to view the script on set as well. The form factor and ability to get in and out of it without booting up or leaving it on and draining power make this an amazing on set production tool of epic proportion…. I guess I have to back peddle on my initial hesitation on purchasing this thing…it’s amazing. I’m all in baby!  lol.

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  1. This is very cool Michael…look forward too seeing you at the bash.

  2. We look forward to seeing you too Mark!

    We heading over to start putting it all together now. See ya Tomorrow!

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