October 25, 2010

Ipad –

I broke down and finally bought an Ipad last night. I initially wanted it as a small display device when I need to present pitch materials for the Films, Photography, Art, whatever…out in the field, but it does some other stuff as well so it’s a neat little toy. I got the 64gig version with WiFi.

Though the interface is pretty fast and solid, I was more than a little annoyed that it doesn’t do flash, and the considerable lack of options for just basic functionality that would make it much more useful. The awkward interface for getting content onto it and lack of being able to organize that content is a little disturbing. But that’s the key to Apple’s solid mechanics…dumbing down the interface to idiot level just to make it bug proof….but not being able to arrange photos in the photo libraries? I mean come on now! It doesn’t even organize them alphabetically…it just arranged them in the order you initially through them into the folders, and you cant seem to re-arrange it later from what i can tell.

You can put images into folders on the top level of your photo directory, but it ignores embedded folders so you cant organize things into sub categories. Pretty lame.

There’s probably an app I can buy that lets you do it, but you would think that would be the kind of functionality that would be a no-brainer and built into the basic core system. The flash thing is just retarded. Half the websites on the Internet are flash driven…most of mine are so I cant even view my own websites on it, and it doesn’t display flash because Nazi Steve Jobs wants to limit what can be displayed on them? Or whatever feud he has going on with Adobe. It’s ridiculous. You would think for the price tag on these things it would be a little more robust with the options.

That being said, for the most part it’s pretty cool. The display screen looks sharp and vibrant and I like that it just launches into the interface with no waiting when you turn it on. For presentations you just whip it out and hit the power button and it leaps into action without having to boot up. Pretty Cool….

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  1. My bro’s inlaw say you are a copy cat! lol. The ipad has a slate app. It’s really cool. They were using it on the last short I did

  2. Lol…totally a copy cat. :-)

    I have seen them in the office, but not with someone playing with one. When I saw your inlaw playing with it at the Hospital I went right over to Best Buy to check them out that night.

    After playing with it now for a few days I really like it. I dont have slate, but I have that Index card app and Iwok Pages for jotting down ideas on the run, and a PDF reader so I can look at Final Draft exported it will definately be really good for having it on set. Plus if I can get the sequencial order of images figured out I can use it to view storyboards on set as well.

    I love the form factor. It’s really slick. :-)

  3. Ohh shit! For some reason I thought Slate was screenwriting app. Its an actual slate app. lolol..thats awesome!

    I just downloaded it.. :-)

  4. Holy Fucking Shit!! loll…

    That Slate App is amazing. A digital slate with sync timecode are like over a grand…just by themselves. this thing saves FPS, Lens settings and optics data per shot…wow. this is worth the price of an ipad alone.


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