October 23, 2010

TM Refinements –

Here is the color comp of Tinman as it stands. I’ll probably play with him a little more but for the most part this will be the design.

I also got a rough comp of Tinman’s Camp. Chrissy sent me the one on the bottom but I did a quick rough in job to get a little closer to the layout as depicted in the top down design and a little better sense of scale. She’ll refine this altered comp and take it to a completed state. I think this will work just fine.

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  1. uggghh!!! loving his camp and his look is great! like the hair poppin out! gives him a “i’m still human underneath” feel.

    so i just auditioned for my first horror other day. got to be “tied up” (which means just sitting in a chair in a room with my hands behind my back) and i got to say my line…act scared and panicky as i imagine at best i would be in that situation and got to scream bloody murder after. got an email today and i got the part;) i’m a murder victim! yay!! my eyes get cut out and such. cool!!

    sooo….. with that said, my first taste of blood which will be a great lil run for your film!!

  2. lol, thats cool Ivana! Congrats. When will you start shooting on that?

  3. This looks amazing Mike! The killer looks sooooo badass

  4. Thanks! If we can pull off the look properly in the concept, I think he’s going to look pretty scary.

    I’m going to be playing with the helmet some more. I have something I think might work better and make him a little more unique.

    I’ve also have a pulse on his sound design that Is going to make the scenes really brutal.

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