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October 31, 2010

Pre-MonsterBash – The Setup

Some photos of the Pre-MonsterBash before the sun went down. Big Big thank you to the amazing Alex for the Skull Candle Holders! They looked completely Awesome! And another round of big thanks goes out to Corn Bread, Lindsey, Gail and Mama Sheila for lending a hand in setting up this monster of a party. It […]

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Holy Sheep Shit…MonsterBash 2010

  A good time was had by all. Well here are some photos of the 2010 MonsterBash. Unfortunately I didn’t pull out my Camera till about half way into the night and didn’t get Mike Burnell andFriend Sam’s awesome Pirate outfits, Jeff luko’s “Spock”, Gail’s Witch Doctor, Jesse’s Spider Queen, Dex’s “YouTube Dude”, Jerry’s Seeing […]

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October 29, 2010

T-Minus 30hrs till MonsterBash!

Well it’s 30 hrs till MonsterBash 2010! Shannie and I are heading over to the location to start setting everything up. Hopefully well see the Lindz and Cornbread at some point this evening for a little pre-Party get together. We had a lot of fun last year getting things ready, listing to Dave Attel “Roll […]

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October 27, 2010

Ok, this is just freakn awesome…lol

J-ro turned me on to this nifty Ipad App…Slate. I was actually looking for a digital slate but this thing is so much cooler. No Tape, or Pens, or Erasers…it uses digital number readout or you can actually use it to sync with hardware. You can put in all your optical info like lens type, […]

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TM Status –

With the Monster Bash coming this weekend it’s been busy getting things together for it, but work is continuing on the Tinman project. I have what I think is a better story framework now so I’m in the process of detailing the scenes out, developing the characters a little more, etc. I have a much better Act III now adding […]

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October 25, 2010

Countdown T-Minus 5 Days

T-Minus 5 Days and counting till MonsterBash 2010!!! I’ll be taking Friday off to help Shannie set up for this crazy thing. Saturday we dug out the wall high pile of boxes out of storage and got it all ready to start putting them up. I’ll be doing a pass on the tunes and adding […]

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Ipad –

I broke down and finally bought an Ipad last night. I initially wanted it as a small display device when I need to present pitch materials for the Films, Photography, Art, whatever…out in the field, but it does some other stuff as well so it’s a neat little toy. I got the 64gig version with WiFi. Though […]

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October 23, 2010

TM Refinements –

Here is the color comp of Tinman as it stands. I’ll probably play with him a little more but for the most part this will be the design. I also got a rough comp of Tinman’s Camp. Chrissy sent me the one on the bottom but I did a quick rough in job to get […]

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October 21, 2010

RedRockMicro Remote – Wow…

Just when I say “That’s it!” I’m not making another gear Damn this thing is cool! Wireless follow focus w laser distance counter. That’s just crazy. So I am yet on another RedRockMicro new product reservation list waiting for it to be released. I should just buy stock in thier company at this point.

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