September 27, 2010

Canon 1D RedRock Cage Kit –

Well now that I dont have a project in production currently, I decided to use those resources to fill in some upgrades I wanted to the camera system.

I’ve been using the RedRock setup I had for XH-A1 lens adapter rig which kind of works on the Canon 1D but not without it’s problems. The biggest issue it had was getting the MattBox to sit flush with the Canon Lenses. The DSLR cameras have a different form factor than video cameras, and the 1D has a particularly different form factor than other DSLRs. To solve it you need a rig that lets you mount the follow focus on top of the rig instead of below it, so I purchased a RedRock Cage kit for it tonight which solves the problem.

This rig is pretty cool because when combined with the shoulder mount gives you more stability and you even have the top handle to do low sweeping shots with it…not to mention is just looks bad ass! :-)

The rig also has a different mounting setup which is actually a quick release so now I can pull the whole camera out of the rig pretty easily with a single lever. I can use the cheese-plate I already have to mount a couple 4 inch rails on and attach it to the BogenTripod head I use on the Pocket Dolly that’s mounted to the jib arm letting me switch between the two setups quickly without tearing half the rig apart. Should come in very handy.

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