September 25, 2010

I Shouldn’t go to Calumet Anymore…

I wanted to get a light stand for the 1000w Arri so we headed down to Calumet Photo this afternoon and they had this No Sales Tax weekend. I dig those C-stands so much I purchased a couple more without the extension arm, and then I saw in the back corner of the store these large 6′ high diffusion panel and standing frame setup. I ended up buying two of those as well.

I got them home and set one up right against the glass doors where the sun comes in during the evening and it cast this amazing soft light into the living room. They are really freakn…

The new Grip stands are heavy duty like the others and hold that big Arri Fresnel with absolute stability. Ill probably end up replacing all my lighting stands with them eventually. They are just too damn awesome. :-)

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