September 23, 2010

The Perfect Witness

Shannie and I watched this film tonight, an Indie Film from First Look Films.

I saw the film trailer for this that happened to be on the Smoking Aces 2 DVD which was a pretty horrible film. The trailer for Perfect Witness was actually pretty engaging and Shannie just happened to see it in a bargain bin somewhere two days later which was kind of an odd coincidence since this film was released in 2007. Then as we are watching it, a cameo by Kenny Johnson right after I posted his image as an example of the guy I am looking for to play Carl. lol…kind of creepy.

The story is basically of a Documentary Film maker that ends of crossing paths with a serial killer and after taping from hidden distance one of the killers acts blackmails him into making a documentary film about him. The movie was an interesting case study to me. It was shot very competently looking pretty good. The premise was pretty strong and the performances on the trailer looked like it had a lot of potential. It actually had a relatively strong start, but then out of nowhere it had these weird pockets that just sort of fell apart having these really stilted performances and terrible dialog at times. Then oddly enough it would kind of catch itself for a little bit working its way through this rough patch…and then again out of nowhere the legs would just drop out from under it.

I cant recall any film I have seen where It had such a strange mix of good and bad dialog. The guy playing the serial killer was a really good actor and the lead playing the film maker was kind of sub par…being tolerable one moment then really bad the next. It made for a really strange mix where you really wanted to like it, but ultimately the bad side finally weighed it down. The plot kind of did the same thing, with a mix of really bad and really good concepts that just kept tearing them-self apart until the end which finally just broke down into something just stupid.

That said I got a lot out it, watching something that bordered on pretty cool but just buckling under the pressure of itself to find a solid direction.

On the film front I placed a casting call on LA Casting for HF, so hopefully something will turn out there and we’ll find our guy. Taking Ivana’s advice of course… :-) The girl needs a husband. lol…

As we are waiting, this weekend I am going to be putting up the Monster Bash Halloween Website and getting ready to launch the promo materials for the party.

I am also thinking about putting together a small cast for one of two feature length projects I have been messing around with and shooting some promo materials I can send to potential investors for funding a project early next year. It will either be Ricky Law, or this other Horror Project I have a loose outline for. As I was dealing with this crazy family drama over the weekend, I realized I actually have a couple avenues for funding I hadn’t thought about before…or at least a starting point so HF and some promo materials for a feature project might start getting the ball rolling in 2011. 

That would be

Ill be getting the rest of the production gear I ordered on Friday, so I’m thinking about re-organizing everything and getting it all streamlined for location shooting. I have some items that need cases, and just making a list of everything we have now. The last time we shot over at Sheila’s house it was getting progressively more difficult to keep tabs on everything so re-organizing and coming up with an inventory list will be really helpful. Plus I am not exactly sure about everything I have, so it would be good to get it all out and take a look at it now.  I bet I have things I totally forgot about.

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  1. Ivana, if you need a husband, my business partner is available and has a little of the Asian fever. Actually, its terminal to be honest. Unfortunately, he couldn’t act to save his life or his families life… :0

  2. Will need to check that film out…almost sounds like there may have been multiple writers on the project perhaps. That looks like Lindsey Lohan on the cover!!!!!!

  3. Classy Joe, lol…

    Actually I believe I saw two writers on the credits, so that would start to make sense. It’s an interesting look at an indie film that borders on being good but just doesn’t make it…as opposed to something like Rest Stop that was shot fairly fell but was one of the dumbest flicks I have ever seen and of course Haunted Highway that was so bad on all fronts it’s mind boggling how it could have been distributed for any reason.

    On a side note, LA Casting has come up with a lot of possibles. 146 last I checked and most of them fit that aesthetic the role requires interestingly enough.

    I guess all those guys are up in LA. lol…

    Odds are one of them should work.

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