September 22, 2010

Dexter Season 5 Premiere

This Sunday Night – Dexter kicks off Season 5 baby!

Leaving right off where Season 4 ended, Rita’s death by the hands of the Trinity Killer we have Dexter having to deal with the aftermath. This is all new territory for the show…and opens up some really interesting and crazy angles story-wise. I cant wait!

If anyone is interested, we’ll be having Viddles and drinks if people want to come over and watch the premier with us. Cornbread is already down…so just let us know so we know who’s all coming. :-)

Last night we had Actor Mark Benjamin over for dinner and a quick read for one of the support roles in the HF script. It was a solid performance and we’re looking forward to working with him on whatever projects we have next on the horizon. Really cool guy and a great talent.

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