August 30, 2010

Hostile Foreclosure – Status Update

Well it’s 3 weeks and counting down till shooting for Hostile Foreclosure. Things are moving along….Shannie finished Eve’s dress which turned out awesome. We have a lot of the props and wardrobe, all the vehicles,…so we’re getting close to ready on those fronts. We have the Table Read Tomorrow / Tuesday…so that should be fun.

The biggest things we have to do now is get the RPG prop together and I need to put together the storyboard / shot list booklet we’ll be using on set. That’s going to take the most time I think but I have pretty heavy deadlines for EQ2 this week and will be doing some OT at work. I think we are in good shape though but its going to be tight.

There are a few pieces of gear I need for the shoot. A pop-up tent to keep the monitors out of the sun…and a couple battery packs for the new mobile monitor I purchased. Other than that I think we are in good shape there. Relatively small purchases.

I got the Matrox MX02 up and running on the system and it works great. It’s going to be particularly good in AfterFX being able to monitor while working on FX sequences. It Exports really fast so that is a huge time saver. No more 4+ hour renders on large exports. yeaaayyy…lol.

It will come in really handy on HF and speed the process up considerably. :-)

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  1. Sounds like the new Matrox is the Power of Gray Skull Cubed! Nice…

  2. lol…sorry I didnt get to this sooner. Been busy at work. Thats Awesome, :-)

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