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  1. Yeah, really cool stuff.

    I might be hooking up with him tomorrow. He has this wireless system he sells that I’m interested in, but it’s normally anolog and not HDMI connections.

    He wants to play around with the monitor so I told him I would bring it by tomorrow if he was available.

    It will be cool meeting the guy. :-)

  2. Mike, are you building a spaceship like Lane Meyer’s brother in Better off Dead?

  3. lol…That’s the best movie john Cusack has ever done. :-)

    Actually I need to add that one too the collection. I’ve been meaning to for a while now.

    “Such a shame, throwing away a perfectly good white kid like that…”

  4. “So your Ron Meyer’s kid?” “You look pretty stupid to me”

  5. lol…I ordered it last night!

    Well have to have a BOD / J&H shindig. :-)

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