August 26, 2010

Hardware is in the House!

I received the MX02 MaX this morning and basked in the glow until I had to head out the door to work this morning…lol. I have to wait till tonight to install the hardware and give it a test drive. Cant wait! :-)

I walked in the door to work and Tim grabbed me to show me the new Box Art for our current expansion. A little odd since most of the time they wait till the last minute to finish the box art. We usually know what the title will be a few months off…but they have the whole package together pretty early.

It looks awesome! Probably the best cover we have done yet, so that was pretty cool to see. I cant put it up or even mention the title yet, but it looks great…yeayyy.. lol.

I purchased an 8″ HDMI monitor for the 1D that should be here tomorrow hopefully. I ordered it from LA, night before last so I have what will hopefully be a nice little field monitor.

There is a guy in SD here that sells a wireless video adapter so you don’t need AV cables between camera and rig with a distance of 40 ft. so that’s going to be pretty cool. It can drive multiple monitors as well so I can have a couple different ones working on set. Particularly cool since the camera viewfinder gets disabled when you run an external monitor.

This will let me run a field monitor for a DP but also have a larger scale monitor somewhere else which might come in handy.

So anyway…Happy Friday Eve. :-)

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