August 24, 2010

Table Read – Hostile Foreclosure

Next Tuesday the 31st, we are all confirmed for a Hostile Foreclosure Table read at 7PM. ( Well everyone has confirmed but Cornbread so hopefully he’s available to join us that evening). Let me know brotha! 

We’ll have food and drinks so make plans accordingly. We have Rob and Ivana’s wardrobe pretty close to finished so we’ll do a fitting for them as well, go over some of the choreography. Should be fun.

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  1. I’ll be there big daddy.

  2. There is a Willits, California (95490)

  3. Outstsanding…everybody’s in…

    Awesome camera. jeezz..actually this isnt the one he was talking about in a different interview I saw. He had one that was two cameras side by side with all kinds of cables and hoses going back to a control center…and the cameras zoomed in and out and angled like human eyes.

    I wonder if this was thier later version? Weird.

    lol..funny about the Willits thing. One of these days when I actually get back to “Burn” willits will ride again. :-)

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