August 23, 2010

Hello Monday –

Back to the start of another new week…

The weekend was pretty much filled with stuff so I didn’t make too much head way on projects…well a little. We did some wardrobe stuff on Saturday but spent the majority of the afternoon going through the car dealer circus…then off to having dinner with Mama Sheila in the evening.

Yesterday I had Tim’s film shoot at SOE but I just let them do their thing and got some work done on EQ2 while they shot in the conference room. Hopefully Tim got everything he was after.

After the shoot, Shannie and I had dinner over at Alex and Kim’s which was a lot of fun. We picked up Taco Shop food and hung out with them for a while. I gave Kim my Sony Movica camera I purchased in Boulder Co that’s been sitting in the case for the last few years. Hopefully they will put it to good use. :-)

Kim needs a logo for this blog she’s starting up so I talked to her a little about what she wanted for it. I’ll be slipping that in somewhere while getting HF together…

We told Alex about the shoot coming up and he wanted to help out with props so he might be helping Shannie with the RPG. Alex is an excellent prop maker…So between them the RPG should be pretty dope. lol…

I received the tracking number for the Matrox Hardware this morning, so hopefully we’ll have that this week…yeayyyy…looking forward to that.

Now back to work…shhhpppsh!!

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