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  1. Cornbread style tangent. Hollywood have you ever seen any of the Lone Wolf and Cub movies from the 70s? If not we need to complete the gauntlet of all six in the series. I haven’t seen any in more than a decade (I think I watched 3-4 in the series). They are old school bloody ala Rambo, but over the top in a different samurai kind of way.

  2. I think I saw one of them back in the 80s. Had a friend that had a bunch of old Samurai films.

    Those are the ones where this Samurai is traveling the countryside with a baby in a armored crib right? And all these ninja’s and stuff are attacking him?

    I remember it was a fun flick….I dont have any of the them though.

  3. Yes, the samurai traveling the countryside with a kid. There are a few epic fight scenes. I think it was a combination/hybrid of Tim Clifton and Chris Gaines.

  4. Now I want to play Everquest II and I’m not going to be able to look Andy-boy in the eye.

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