June 29, 2010

Hero Concept – Hero

A Quick Concept for Hero –

I decided to change some of the design elements in Hero in relation to the look of the characters. As I was looking for long coats today I kept thinking it would obscure anything else under it so I ended up going for something a little more road warrior-ish. The thought here being the main Hero rides a motorcycle and some of the later Motorcycle jackets have built in shoulder and elbow pads and other Armor-esque embellishments.

I found this particular jacket online that looked particularly cool, so Shannie is going to use this as a base and paint on a front emblem of some kind as well as maybe a few more odds and ends to customize it. We’ll get some ATV knee pads and paint them matte black, boots, shoulder holster and the doo to give him a little anime quality. A little electrical tape here and there and we’ll be good to go.

I might be switching up concepts for the Pedifile character as well. I was doing a little research last night and found some directions I want to experiment with. Should be fun.

In other news I just got an E-mail that just popped up while I was writing this. Apparently SoCal Film Festival has received Private Pictures and they have given PP an IMDB page…so that should be up any time now apparently. Wow…that was fast. So that’s cool. Two film titles on IMDB now…yeayyyy… :-)

I filled out the casting and crew list pretty well so hopefully everyone will be on there once the page is up. I’ll be putting up project screen shots as well.

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  1. Mike, I love that he is wearing his right shoe on his left and left shoe on his right. Lots of originality there….

  2. The buckle detail on the boots is just communicating the design. You wouldn’t be able to see it from the concept angle if it were on the correct side. Sorry if I ruffled any Left Brain sensibilities….

    I’m sure Rob will be wearing his boots correctly on film…

  3. Is that Chris Gaines?

  4. lol…I didnt even know who chris gains was when you mentioned it.

    I think Garth Brookes might be a little old now to play him.

  5. Honey, that concept looks amazing!
    YIPPEE! IMDB credits for everyone!

  6. I got about half way on the “Ped” concept last night and roughed out the little girl as well.

    I should have them both done by tonight sometime…

    “Ped” is looking pretty creepy already. lol

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